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Russia - 2 Units SEM 816D Bulldozer

On December 14th, 2022, MAXIZM exported 2 units SEM 816D Bulldozer to Russia. Model: SEM816D Operating weight: 16900kg Ground clearance: 410mm Engine model: WD10G178E25 Rated power: 131kW


Russia - 1 Unit HELI CPD20S Forklift

On September 29th, 2022, MAXIZM exported 1 unit HELI CPD20S Forklift to Russia. Load capacity: 2000kg Load center: 500mm Standard mast lifting height: 3300mm Wheelbase: 1455mm


Russia - 1 Unit JAC CPCD15H Forklift & 1 Unit CPCD25 Forklift & 1 Unit CDD15J Stacker

On July 26th, 2022, MAXIZM exported 1 unit JAC CPCD15H Forklift & 1 unit CPCD25 Forklift & 1 unit CDD15J Stacker to Russia. Model: CPCD15H Rated capacity: 1500kg Load center: 500mm Lift height: 3000mm Model: CPCD25 Lifting capacity: 2500kg Load center: 500mm Lifting height: 3000mm


Italy - 1 Unit WECAN CPCD10FR Forklift

On May 13th, 2022, MAXIZM exported 1 unit WECAN CPCD10FR Forklift to Italy. Model: CPCD10FR Rated capacity: 1000kg Max. lift height: 1340mm Machine weight: 1630kg Load center: 500mm


Russia - 1 Unit HELI CPCD30 Forklift

On February 15th, 2022, MAXIZM exported 1 unit HELI CPCD30 Forklift to Russia. Model: CPCD30 Lifting capacity: 3000kg Load center: 500mm Lifting height: 3000mm Engine: QUANCHAI4C2-50V32 Overall length(with fork): 2700mm Overall width: 1225mm Fork: 1070mm


Russia - 1 Unit HELI CPCD85 Forklift

On November 4th, 2021, MAXIZM exported 1 unit HELI CPCD85 Forklift to Russia. The main configuration of CPCD85 is: Model: CPCD85 Lifting capacity: 8500kg Load center: 600mm Lifting height: 3000mm Engine: Quanchai4C6-85u32 Overall length(without fork): 3955mm Overall width: 2245mm


Kosovo - 1 Unit LONKING LG30DT Forklift

On June 16th, 2021, MAXIZM exported 1 unit LONKING LG30DT Forklift to Kosovo. The main configuration of LG30DT is: Power type: diesel Rated capacity: 3000kg Load centre: 500mm Max lifting height: 3000mm W*T STD fork size: 1070×125×45mm


Russia - 1 Unit XCMG LW300KN Wheel Loader

On February 1st, 2021, Maxizm exported 1 unit XCMG LW300KN Wheel Loader to Russia. The main configuration of LW300KN is: Bucket capacity: 1.8cbm Operating weight: 10800kg Rated operating load: 3000kg Rated power: 92/2200kW/rpm Wheel base: 2600mm


Netherlands - 1 Unit HELI CPD35 Electric Forklift

On August 11th, 2020, Maxizm shipped one unit HELI Electric Forklift CPD35 to the Netherlands.The client has visited our company in Qingdao and is very satisfied with Maxizm. Main configuration of CPD35: 1. Rated lifting capacity: 3500kg 2. Load center distance: 500mm 3. 1.07m fo


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