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Warranty Spare Parts Installation & Maintenance Training

MAXIZM International grants our clients a twelve-month-period or 2000-hour warranty for any machine exported from us. During the warranty period, in case a defect of material or workmanship has occurred with spare parts in normal operation, the defective part will be repaired or replaced free of charge, at our discretion.

There are two ways we can ship the compensated spare parts:
(1) Upon the urgent request from our clients, we will ship the compensated spare parts by international couriers, such as DHL, TNT, UPS, or FedEx. The courier will arrive at the designated destination within 5-7 days. The client will assume the courier expense.
(2) For the regular claim for the spare parts, we will ship the compensated spare parts together with the next shipment of new machines. The shipment expense is free.

We reserve the right to reasonably determine whether a defect in material or workmanship occurred in normal use or if such defect resulted from a factor excluded from this warranty. This warranty does not include defects from normal wear and tear, accidents, negligence, abuse, shipment, handling, storage, or environmental conditions. Any modifications to our products by the client, client's employees, or end-user, shall invalidate this warranty. The normal wearing and easily broken parts, including but not limited, to all kinds of filters, belts, electric appliances and wires, bulbs and fuses, glass, rubber and plastic stuff, etc.

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