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XCMG Compressed Vehicles Helping the Construction of the Belt and Road
Publication Date: 2021-04-01
Armenia, located in the Caucasus region on the border of Europe and Asia, is one of the oldest peoples in the world. Its special geographical location has created its long and rich history and culture. Nowadays, driven by the Belt and Road Initiative, China has become Armenia's second largest trading partner country. The two countries have continuously deepened cooperation in the fields of road connectivity, power facility construction, energy and environmental protection.

14 units of XCMG compressed garbage trucks will be exported to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, starting a new journey of overseas sanitation construction!

XCMG 8 Ton Garbage Truck

According to the World Bank database, Armenia ranks sixth in the world in per capita garbage production, and the capacity of the state to handle garbage is very limited. In order to alleviate the "garbage crisis", the local government decided to introduce XCMG’s garbage collection and transportation system.
This batch of XCMG trucks has been customized due to the local high altitude and extremely cold weather. The engine power reaches 196kW. Compared with other brands of equipment of the same tonnage, it has obvious power advantage, and its climbing capacity 30%. 
The carriage uses high-strength steel plates to improve the lightness and durability of the product. The collection and transportation process is kept tight and environmentally friendly, and secondary pollution is eliminated. In addition, the loading device of the model is equipped with a hanging bucket and claw holding mechanism, further guaranteeing the adaptability of the product to match the garbage cans of different capacities.

Adhering to the concept of "XCMG, making the world a better place", XCMG actively responds to the national goal of “carbon neutralization and carbon peaking”, and continues to make efforts to contribute China’s effort to green, low carbon, energy saving and emission reduction!

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