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LIUGONG Help Build State Water Conservancy Construction in West Africa
Publication Date: 2021-01-09
On the evening of January 3rd, 15 units of large LIUGONG excavators and graders gathered in Shanghai port and would be exported to West Africa to help build water conservancy projects in local countries.
At the end of 2019, a customer in West Africa placed an order for 13 units of LIUGONG equipment including large loaders and road rollers for the first time. As the customer preferred European and American brand equipment before and he was not familiar with LIUGONG equipment, he urgently needed corresponding technical training services. In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, LIUGONG international team still won high praise from the customer for its excellent products and service, earning a reputation in local area.
Shortly afterwards, the customer put forward the new demand for construction equipment. Based on the good user experience, the customer once again cooperated with LIUGONG. They chose LIUGONG 950E, 970E excavators, and D series graders to help the local government build water conservancy projects.
LIUGONG 950E and 970E excavators have been highly recognized by the industry since their launch, especially in Zambia copper mine, South Africa platinum gold mine and Gabon manganese mine.
LIUGONG D series graders, as its latest product, with the advantages of "good appearance, high configuration, high quality and high income", have been widely used in various working conditions like highway, railway, farmland water conservancy and land leveling.

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