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MAXIZM | SEM 655D Wheel Loader
Publication Date: 2023-06-22

Hello everyone, it's Leona from MAXIZM Construction Machinery. 
Today is a sunny day and my client wants me to check the machines for him. 
Now I'm at the Qingdao port. Ok, come with me.
Our Ecuador client bought these wheel loader. It is very hot selling in South America. 
Many South American clients want to buy the SEM machines, as they can get the spare parts easily in local. 
The first thing to catch our sight is its beautiful apearance. 
Its operating weight is 1700kg, the rated load is 5tons and the bucket capacity can be from 2.7 cbm to 5.4 cbm. As they have different bucket capacity, you can use it for all kinds of different works. 
The second thing we need to take notice is the cab.
The intergrated closed cabin, which has great vision, makes operation much safer. It's equiped with adjustable suspension seat, and air conditioner. You will feel relaxed when working. The hydraulic control joystick is also necessary. It makes the operation much easier.
It use WEICHAI engine, 162kw, which is specialized for the heavy duty works. WEICHAI brand is famous for its high efficiency and fuel saving.
As we can see, the machines are good and can catch our standard for shipping. Ok, today's inspection is over. 
If you want to buy other machines, or other brands of machines, please also feel free to contact me. See you next time.

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